• 10.31.16

      The EU Wants to Ban Sea Bass Fishing in the Atlantic

      The European commission has proposed a ban on the commercial fishing of sea bass in the Atlantic and whiting in the waters of Scotland. The proposals would also reduce the "total allowable catch" for cod and sole.

    • 9.10.16

      Why These Men Are Risking Their Health to Fish

      Despite the signs all over the Santa Monica pier that read “DO NOT EAT CONTAMINATED FISH” in different languages, a group of fishermen continue to fish here everyday and eat every single fish that they catch.

    • 9.9.16

      Undocumented Fishermen in Hawaii Are Being Paid 70 Cents an Hour

      An Associated Press investigation has found that Hawaiian fishing boats are being manned by hundreds of undocumented workers, subjected to inhumane conditions.

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    • 6.18.15

      The Fishermen of Ghana

      Romanian photographer Tudor Vintiloiu spent some time documenting the tight knit fishing community of a country burdened with a sad slave past.

    • 4.27.15

      The UK's Small-Scale Fishermen Are Struggling to Make a Living

      Small-scale fishermen make up the majority of the UK’s fishing fleet but have access to just 4 percent of the Individual Fishing Quota, a system intended to prevent overfishing, but that could actually be harming the seabed and local fishermen.

    • 10.22.14

      MUNCHIES Guide to the North of England - Episode 1

      Ben Ferguson travels to the Northeast of England – the home of Dracula, fishermen, and a well-kept secret: the chicken parmo. In Whitby, he joins a crew of fishermen to catch crab, then joins the Parmo Hunters on a local taste tour.