Why the Chef of an All-Female Kitchen Rejected Her Michelin Star

"Until ten years ago, a Michelin star was a blessing, but in these economic times it is more of a curse."


Embroidered Tapestries Beautifully Rewrite Art History’s Male Gaze

Sylvie Franquet reworks found tapestries to explore newer cultural dimensions.


Animal Town

"These are some of the cats I've seen behind windows in the streets of Flanders. They're everywhere, if you really look. At times I feel like I'm walking through a red-light district-the cats are like the whores watching me from their windows, trying...


Two Old Flemish Peasants

"These are photographs that I've taken of two men who are close friends. They live in the same village. One has never had a woman in his life and has always lived in complete dirt. "