This Pancake Can Make Anyone Fall in Love with You

“If you wake up next to a cute boy and you make him a Dutch baby pancake, he’s sure to stay."


Squid Ink Baguettes

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Every Recipe You’ll Need for a Truly Decadent Pancake Day

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Meet the Scientists Baking Bread with Cockroach Flour

Two scientists from the Federal University of Rio Grande, in Brazil, have developed a flour made of cockroaches that contains 40 percent more protein than the normal wheat flour.


Make Your Own Pasta from Scratch Tonight Because We Believe In You

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My Declaration of Independence from Bad Bread

It’s our duty to stop buying bad bread and start buying the good shit, the real shit.


Ground Cherry Pie

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A Visual Guide to Making Action Bronson's Homemade Borek

Here's an illustrated guide to making Mr. Wonderful's childhood favourite, borek, at home. You're welcome.


Venezuela’s Food Shortage Crisis Is Getting Worse

Take away a people’s beer and bread with poor monetary policy, and be prepared to deal with the consequences.