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Meet the Blackburn Fan Standing Up to Venky’s at the General Election

Their name has become a byword for mismanagement. Now, a Blackburn Rovers fan will stand on an anti-Venky's platform at the upcoming general election.


For The Rohingya Football Club, Just Existing Is a Political Statement

The Rohingya in Myanmar have been persecuted by their government and ignored by the rest of the world. Now a group of refugees is turning to football in their quest for global recognition and a more hopeful outlook.


Clough, Shankly, Busby, Ferguson: The Golden Age of the Socialist Manager

There was a time, before the modern Premier League era, where some of the most iconic managers in English football were heavily invested in left-wing politics. That said, not all of them lived up to their own ideals.


The Day England's Footballers Gave the Nazi Salute

Ahead of their game against Germany in May 1938, the English national football side gave the Nazi salute. Almost 70 years on it remains among the most controversial moments in the team's history.


The Palestinian Schoolboy Dreaming of an International Football Career

Palestinians in Lebanon are largely excluded from the political and cultural sphere, but for 11-year-old Omar football has helped to build bridges.


The Journalist Fighting to Expose Qatar's World Cup Crimes

One of Germany's most prominent political journalists was recently arrested in Qatar. He has every reason to give up, but he won't. Here's why.


Have football fans been recognised as a political force?

Football fans represent a significant demographic in Britain, yet they have rarely been pandered to at election time. Has that changed in 2015?