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I Want to Import British Football Hooliganism Into the US

We spoke to Derek "Diablo" Alvarez, who founded the Miami Casuals and plans to establish a joint US-UK unit to "get revenge against the Russians for what happened in Marseilles".
Nick Chester
The 2018 FIFA World Cup

10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Football Hooligan

Ahead of the World Cup, we delve into the mind of a hooligan, to try to understand why they love fighting so much.
Nik Afanasjew
football hooligans

How Political Violence Invaded Italian Football

Since the 1960s, Italian ultras have been all about fascism, communism and throwing Fiat 500s at the enemy.
Nicola Ventura
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Why Is Casual Culture Still Relevant In Football and Fashion?

Whether on social media, fan forums or niche online clothing outlets, the look and lifestyle of the football casual still appeals to many people. So why is this decades-old phenomenon still relevant?
Will Magee

Russian Football Hooligans Are Training in MMA

Instead of throwing haymakers between dry heaves, modern Russian hooligans eschew intoxication and get on the mat. It's unsettling.
Jeff Harder

My Double Life as a Hooligan Cost Me My Job, My Relationship and a Lot of Money

For a decade, Nick Hay lived the life of a football casual, travelling the Netherlands to watch his team and scrap with opposition fans. Here, Nick explains how he combined his life as a casual with his career.
Nick Hay

​How 10 Years of Football Hooliganism Made Me a Better Person

For a decade, Nick Hay lived the life of a football casual, travelling the Netherlands to watch his team – and getting involved in a fair few scraps along the way. Today, he credits the experience with making him a better person.
Nick Hay*

How Football Firms Mix Far-Right Elements with Multiculturalism

Mostly, what the press sees as neo-Nazi insignia doesn't jar with mixed ethnicities and religions in the way you'd think.
Nick Chester

My Life as a Teen Brawler in Leicester City’s 80s Hooligan Firm

With all the street fights and police face-offs, the Baby Squad crossed racial divides and created an unexpected utopia in a changing city.
Sophie Brown
The VICE Report

WATCH: 'Rise of the Right', Our Film About Poland's Violent Independence Day March

Once a year, Poland's rival football gangs declare a 24-hour truce and march together against all things Left in one of Europe's biggest nationalist marches. We were there to see how the recent election of a ring-wing government affected the...
VICE Staff

Why I Went to an Ultra-Nationalist Football Hooligan March in Poland

VICE's new documentary, Rise of the Right, focuses on Warsaw's Independence Day march and explores why political nationalism is still fervent in Poland. Here, host Joe Bish discusses what made him want to see the demonstration for himself.
Joe Bish

Meet the Anarchist Founder of Man City's Hooligan Firm

"Little Benny" Bennion's Young Guvnors chased the National Front out of Moss Side.
Nick Chester