The Rise and Fall of Competitive ‘Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’

As 'Modern Warfare Remastered' approaches, we look back on how the game's original release both benefitted eSports but failed to capitalise on its boom.
Jake Tucker

‘Battlefield 1’ Is Good, But ‘Overwatch’ Is Still the Only Online Shooter I Need

I want to win in Blizzard's game because I actually care what happens to the characters, a feeling that no other FPS multiplayer has ever given me.
Emma Quinlan
first-person shooter

Photos of a Day in the Life of a Real-Life Superhero

For this week's First-Person Shooter, we handed two cameras to a self-described real-life superhero who patrols the streets of Missouri in costume.
Julian Master

Celebrate Your Support Character: Thanking the Unheralded Heroes of ‘Overwatch’

Here's to the people playing as Mercy, as Zenyatta, as Lúcio: we see you, and we love you, even if "Play of the Game" doesn't.
Emma Quinlan
Bethesda Presents DOOM Week

Discussing the Importance of ‘DOOM’ with Game Designer Dan Pinchbeck

<b>Made possible by Bethesda:</b> The Chinese Room creative director literally wrote the book on <i>DOOM</i>, so we visited him for a chat about the legendary shooter.
Mike Diver
first-person shooter

Photos from Life Off the Grid in a Sustainable Commune

In this week's installment of First-Person Shooter, a member of a sustainable community photographed a dozen or so residents who survive together using only what's readily available on their 40-acre land trust.
Julian Master

Guiding the Guardians: What It Means to Be a ‘Destiny’ Sherpa

The 'Destiny' community isn't all anonymous gamers abusing each other – some players actually help newcomers to get ahead.
Alex Avard

‘STRAFE’ Wants to Be the Best Goddamn Shooting Game… Of 1996

With its throwback visuals and OTT gore, Pixel Titans' 2017-set title is turning back the years, gruesomely.
Mike Diver
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Life Is Cheap in the Star Wars Universe, and ‘Battlefront’ Got That Brilliantly Right

'Star Wars: Battlefront' isn't necessarily a great video game, but it perfectly captures a grunt's life on the frontlines.
Robert Rath
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Celebrating Ten Years of ‘F.E.A.R.’, the Scariest Office Simulator Ever Made

The "scariest fucking game ever" wasn't, obviously, but playing it reminded me of some ghosts in my own past.
Suriel Vazquez
VICE vs Video games

Hands-On With ‘Rainbow Six Siege’, a Modern Shooter for Sharing with Friends

Ubisoft's multiplayer FPS is a lot more enjoyable than its somewhat generic screens suggest, as I found out at a London preview event.
Ian Dransfield
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The ‘Black Ops III’ Beta Proves Treyarch Is the Best Call of Duty Studio

The Californian studio is doing amazing things with the Black Ops series, as its third title's beta showcased quite superbly.
Dave Cook