Researchers Have Restored Basic Brain Function in Dead Pigs

The brains, from a slaughterhouse, produced a flat wave as though in a comatose state.


'The Sun' Has Really Outdone Itself with That Frankenstein Article

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Actress: "My Saving Grace is I Always Try to Put Beauty in My Music"

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Our Top 11 Comics of 2014

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Komp-LaintDept. – Manson vs. Mormon and the Brides of Frankenstein

What's the connection between the Mormon Church's founder, Joseph Smith and the geriatric but still notorious and imprisoned Charles Manson? There are lots of them.


We Talked To The Photographer Who Mashed Siblings Into Single Genetic Portraits

Ino Zeljak shared with us his photos of family members before and after they were Photoshopped into DNA Frankenstein composites.


Brain Noise

Three Halloween comics: rejected Frankenbrides, mutant babies and pumpkin carving.


Do We Really Want to Bring a Bunch of Animals Back from the Dead?

I'm not sure making Jurassic Park real is as good an idea as these scientists think it is.


Conspiracy Theorizing

Rick Ross is a monster. In fact, the conspiracy-minded blog The Black Operative alarmingly described him as hip-hop's new Frankenstein-a cross between Freeway's beard, Suge Knight's intimidation factor, and Young Jeezy's street credentials.