Freddie Gibbs


Listen to Freddie Gibbs' Surprise New Mixtape 'Freddie'

First teased on Twitter, 'Freddie' features 03 Greedo, Cassie Jo Craig and Irie Jane Gibbs.


Freddie Gibbs Rides Through the Fire in New Video, "Andrea"

The song is featured on his 'You Only Live 2wice' album.


We Interviewed the 24-Year-Old Producer Behind Kendrick Lamar's "LOVE."

The talented Teddy Walton explains his work on 'DAMN.' and how meeting ASAP Yams changed his life.


The Best Samples You Hate

Sometimes there is a song with samples that if you think too hard about them your brain will explode.


The Avalanches Just Dropped a Psychedelic New Track, “Bad Day”

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Last week, we flew high, no lie, but this week we're taking a different approach to ballin' with Lil Wayne.


Freddie Gibbs Has Been Charged with Sexual Assault (UPDATED)

The rapper could face up to ten years in prison.


Freddie Gibbs Reportedly Arrested in France for Rape Charges

The Gary, Indiana rapper may face extradition to Vienna.


Freddie Gibbs Borrows Kanye and Kendrick's Madlib Beat for "Cocaine Parties in L.A."

The Indiana native's darkly funny storytelling here takes a different avenue from the light-hearted sex and smack talk of the original.


Friends, Family and Freddie Gibbs Come Out To Support Tiny Doo, The Rapper Who's In Jail for Making Music

Community leaders and fellow rappers spoke out during Tiny Doo's hearing.


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A report and photos from the uber-popular downtown Austin music festival.


An Interview with The Internet's Freshest DJ Fresh

A deep talk with the Oakland producer and DJ wizard who recently put out an album with Freddie Gibbs.