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The First 'Dark Souls III' DLC Is Dark Souls at Its Worst: Boring

Three sequels and several pieces of downloadable content later, perhaps Dark Souls has simply run out of steam.
Patrick Klepek
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An Ode to the Dark Souls Bonfire

Don't praise the sun, praise the bonfire. Enjoy those rare moments of reflection. You've earned them.
Joe Donnelly
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Thirty Deaths in Two Hours: This Is How Awful I Am at ‘Dark Souls III’

Look, I don't need you telling me how much I suck at From Software's forthcoming RPG. I was there. I was the one who died, and died, and died.
Mike Diver
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‘Dark Souls’ Was the Game That Brought Back My Childhood Nightmares

From Software's hardcore adventure fucking hurts, and it never stops.
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Six Suggestions for Ensuring ‘Dark Souls III’ Is a Series Best

The first 'Dark Souls' sequel was a minor let down, so please, Miyazaki: don't balls this one up.
Jamie Jones
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The Sadistic ‘Super Mario Maker’ Is the ‘Dark Souls’ of Cute Platformers

The portly plumber is a favourite with players of all ages – but his new game is going to be tougher than Bowser's crusty ballsack.
Mike Diver
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Ugly Desires in a Beautiful World: A ‘Bloodborne’ Photo Essay

The gothic gorgeousness of From Software's horrors framed anew.
Gareth Dutton
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Gaming Will Never Have Its ‘Citizen Kane’ Moment, and Needs to Nurture New Narratives

By aping cinema, video gaming's storytellers have been selling themselves short for years. It's time to embrace the medium's unique possibilities.
John Robertson
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My ‘Dark Souls II’ Redemption Has Been Ruined by ‘Bloodborne’

From Software's celebrated 2014 title has received the "definitive" treatment – but I'm too busy with its gothic successor.
Mike Diver
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This Is What Happens When You Play ‘Bloodborne’ For 24 Hours Straight

No respite, no retreat. No sleep, and barely any sensible sustenance. This is a whole day in the company of gaming's newest nightmare.
David Whelan
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These Video Games Are Categorically Fresh to Death

It's usually a tedious, cobwebby metaphor for failure - but some of today's video games have wonderfully inventive approaches to "death".
Edwin Evans-Thirlwell