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What Will It Take to Make Restaurants Safe for Women Working Front-of-House?

Service jobs are the first work environments that many young women experience—and where they're first taught to endure harassment.


What It’s Really Like Running a Restaurant with Your Best Friend

“Jeremy and I used to live together and we’d always talked about opening a restaurant sometime.”


It’s Time We Gave Waiters as Much Recognition as Chefs

“The front-of-house team aren’t cooking, but they do as much of the job as the chefs. I would go back to a restaurant if the food was average but the service was amazing."


Why Dressing Well Could Get You Better Service in Restaurants

A new study from hospitality researchers at the University of Missouri says that waitstaff give more attentive service to diners wearing nice clothes.


I Lied My Way Into the Upper Echelons of the Restaurant Industry

After my job prospects as a line cook fell through, I started lying my way through interviews for different waitstaff jobs. And even though I landed some jobs, I was a disaster in the dining room.


Running a Restaurant with My Husband Saved Our Marriage

Running the restaurant together has had a huge effect on our relationship. I think it’s actually made us stronger.