Future Of Grime


Grime's Lowest Ebbs

Remember all those times grime decided to be a silly bit of knockabout fun rather than a massively important cultural British phenomenon?


Why Did Grime Never Go Right For Women?

1Xtra DJ Sian Anderson asks why it's only the mandem who seem to be flouncing about in their BMWs, looking like ballers with Ps and dat.


Your Favourite MC’s Favourite MC: D Double E

From N.A.S.T.Y Crew to Newham Generals, D Double E has seen every era of grime. He sat down with superfan Fred McPhereson to discuss how the genre’s past will influence its future.


Wiley is 35 Years Old. Novelist is 17. Meet Grime's Next Generation: The Square

What grime needs in 2014 is this crew of Lewisham High Street teenagers yelling: “I’ll make your mum climax” over a Sir Spyro beat.