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Behind the Scenes on 'Session,' the Game Picking up the 'Skate 4' Torch

VICE Games chats with the developers of Session, the would-be heir of EA's Skate franchise, about difficulty, realism and skating history.


The Worst Ways People Have Lost Their Saved Games

Warning: heartbreak within.


An Online Feud Killed a Gaming Oddity People Had Waited 21 Years For

The strange world of fan localisations – a land of eternal hope and broken promises – dashed the excitement of fans ready to play this obscure 'Twin Peaks'-inspired game.


Three Years and 2,600 Hours Later, 'Mario Maker' Player Still Can't Beat His Own Level

Braden Moor thought it would only take a few months to beat "Trials of Death". He was extremely wrong.


Gaming's Climate Dread in a 4K Streaming Ecosystem

Still preoccupied with whether they could, games and technology companies are still not stopping to think if they should.


'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare' Can't Decide Whether War Is Bad or Badass

The reboot of the series is going for emotional storytelling, but all the gun fetishisation might just get in the way.


The Speedrunner Who Wasn’t: How a Community Dealt with an Elaborate Cheater

It would take weeks of defensive public statements, private battles, Reddit threads, and hostile exchanges with a reporter before the truth came out.


How an Augmented Reality Game Escalated into Real-World Spy Warfare

Meng led hundreds of real people on secret missions for a make-believe cause.