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Queer People Describe Their First Time in a Gay Club

"I realised that this was what freedom looked like."
VICE Staff
LGBT Spaces

East London’s Most-Loved Gay Bar Has Been Saved From Developers

For the first time in British history, the sexuality of people using a space had been included in a condition for planning approval.
Amelia Abraham

The 7 Types of Gay Clubbers You'll Meet at a Pride Party

The Fake Goth DJ, the Cute-Cut-Cunty Door Boy, and more.
Jazper Abellera

Gay Nightlife Is Dying and Grindr and Gentrification Are to Blame

As the legendary venues and parties that defined gay nightlife in the 1990s and 2000s die out, what are promoters doing to keep the party moving?
John Lucas

Why Clubs Like Pulse Are So Essential to the LGBTQ Community, According to New Yorkers During Pride

"If you lived in the middle of nowhere and there was a gay bar 20 miles away, that would be your only sanctuary."
Sophie Weiner
Chemsex Week

How Gay Clubs Changed the Way We Take Drugs

Many of the world's most popular drugs took off in gay clubs, but it looks like the days of gay men being "early adopters" of new psychoactive substances are numbered.
Max Daly

Photos of Triumphant, Pissed-Up Irish People Celebrating the Gay Marriage Vote

We went on a bar crawl around Dublin on Saturday night to talk to Ireland's young and drunk about the legalisation of same-sex marriage.
Roisin Kiberd, Photos: Sarah Meyler
The VICE Guide to Mental Health

LGBT Mental Health: Are We Doing Enough?

The results of a five-year-long study have found that 48 percent of young trans people had attempted suicide and that 34 percent of young LGB people had made at least one suicide attempt in their lives.
Patrick Cash
being gay is beautiful in

Being Gay Is Beautiful in Bucharest

A celebration of Romania's underground LGBT culture.
VICE Romania

I Couldn't Handle a Gay Sportswear Fetish Night

But at least I got a free jizz rag.
Clive Martin