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Grindr Users Talk Highs and Lows After 10 Years of the App

We asked a few men how the much loved and loathed app has changed gay life for better and worse.


Instagays, Unfiltered

With thousands of followers, extravagant lifestyles and nonstop gym selfies, Instagays are easy to envy. But their rise marks a gay cultural shift, prompting big questions about what those innocent snapshots might mean.


RuPaul’s DragCon Is Proof That Drag Queens Will Save Us

The blockbuster convention drew record-breaking attendees and will expand to New York later this year.


Tom of Finland's Art Still Resonates Because It Mixes Pride and Shame

After a biopic about the infamous gay Finnish artist premiered this weekend, a look at why his art still captivates the world.


To Be Real: The Enduring Queer Musical Legacy of ‘Paris is Burning’

Vogue culture has since infiltrated mainstream pop, but this iconic 1990 film stands as a monument to a time before everyone screamed "yas queen".


What It's Actually Like to DJ at a Bathhouse

"Sometimes someone will get in the DJ booth to ask me if they can suck me off while I'm spinning."


Views from Tokyo's Infamous Gay Micro-Bar District

Shinjuku 2 Chome is like a gay bar buffet. The Tokyo district has the highest concentration of gay bars in the world, each with its own theme (such as BDSM or J-Pop), and each with less than a 12-person capacity.


Why Clubbing Was Crucial for Gay Men During the AIDS Crisis

"Often, I was relieved to see people at parties; I had assumed they had died in the interim."


Photos from MIX, NYC's Premier Queer Film Festival

The long-running happening transformed a raw warehouse space into a 24/7 art and film hub.


Call Me Daddy: Playing Son to My Fatherless Boyfriend

I fell in love with a man 20 years my senior. Then, I became his "son".


Filming ​Mario Diaz, the Man Behind The Cock

In the aftermath of the AIDS crisis, Mario Diaz brought sex-positivity back to New York's gay scene with his club, The Cock. Now, documentary filmmaker Jon Bush is immortalising Diaz's party life on film in Club King.


Ten Walls' Homophobic Rant Just Cost Him His Career

The Lithuanian producer has been dropped from major festivals and his booking agency.