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UK Supreme Court Backs Bakery That Refused to Make Pro-Gay Marriage Cake

“This court has held that ‘nobody should be forced to have or express a political opinion in which he [or she] does not believe,’” justice Lady Hale said.
Ruby Lott-Lavigna
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How Young People in Romania Won a Referendum By Not Voting

Doing nothing isn't always an effective strategy when you want to stop the government from doing something hateful, but last weekend, it worked out.
Ștefania Matache

All the News You Need to Read This Morning

Scotland is the first country to put a minimum price on alcohol.
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Let The New 'Queer Eye' Defrost Your Frozen-Over Heart

Netflix's relentlessly optimistic and subtly political makeover show is a perfect 2018 coping mechanism.
Katherine Gillespie
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Worst Take of the Week: Railcards for Millennials vs The Australian Gay Marriage Debate

How can we spend time on gay marriage when crocodiles are free to kill?
Angus Harrison
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Australia Has Voted 'YES' for Marriage Equality

61.6 percent of participating Australians voted in favour in the optional nationwide ABS survey.
Maddison Connaughton

Pizzeria Changes Anti-Marriage Equality Campaign to Anti-Pineapple Pizza Message

When an Australian pizza shop discovered a homophobic billboard on the side of its building, it decided to get creative.
Daisy Meager

Why Queer Couples Don't Marry as Young as Straights

The wedding industry, like society at large, is plagued with systemic discrimination that makes it harder for LGBTQ people to say "I do."
Alaina Leary
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Could Same-Sex Marriage Be Legalised in Australia This Week?

The Liberal Party are holding an emergency meeting on marriage equality today.
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Gay Marriage Is Linked to Fewer LGBTQ Suicide Attempts, According to New Study

Researchers found a drop in reported suicide attempts specifically among teenagers in the LGBTQ community after their states legalized gay marriage.
Brian Moylan
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Is Northern Ireland Nearing a Gay Marriage Watershed?

With Stormont’s elections less than a month away, pressure for equal marriage rights is mounting.
Brendan Scott

Is the LGBTQ Community Ready to Fight in Trump’s America?

The fight for LGBTQ rights has produced some of America's most attention-grabbing – and effective – activism over the past half-century. Can that spirit reawaken under a Trump White House?
Jon Shadel