gay relationships


LGBTQ People Share Their Experiences of Sex Education

Theresa May has failed to condemn the parents protesting against better same-sex sex-ed. Here's how a lack of that education affected a generation of LGBTQ people.


How I Make My Mixed HIV Status Relationship Work

I'm HIV positive, but my partner is not. And though science has rendered that difference medically negligible, it's hard to shed decades of stigma overnight.


How I Learned to Give Up Control in My Open Relationship

Why loving someone means allowing them to be who they are, even when that person is no longer in sync with who you are.


My Mother Taught Me How to Choose a Family

Through the AIDS crisis and her cancer diagnosis, she taught me that all that matters in this world is love. It's a lesson that's shaped the family I call my own today.


My Advice for People Considering Polyamory

Polyamory won't fix your problems or save your relationship, but it may help you grow.


Rape Happens in Gay Relationships Too

Gay or straight, relationship or no relationship, context is completely irrelevant if you've said "no". But that doesn't mean I'm not scared of the police taking me seriously as a gay man.


Weird Tales from My Year on Gay Dating Apps

I learned what "racial play" is and had a rather shitty experience with a "straight" guy who was into having sex with men.


'Beautiful Thing' Was the Film That Made Being Gay OK

How the movie helped me come out after my time as a student in Newcastle, which I spent trying and failing to get my closeted rugby-playing sex partner to commit.