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Why I Won't Call Nicki Minaj's Beefing 'a Meltdown'

We don’t require male rappers to be empowering to each other, so why should Nicki play nice?
Melayna Williams

How Crowdfunding Became a Lifeline for the Trans Community

Long waiting lists, exorbitant costs and surgeries unavailable on the NHS have shown the financial importance of platforms like GoFundMe.
Jake Hall

Why Does the Millennial Gender Pay Gap Exist?

And what can women (and everyone else) do about it?
Hannah Ewens

Why It Might Be Time to Retire the Buzzword 'Toxic Masculinity'

Ahead of the release of her new book 'I'm Afraid of Men' author Vivek Shraya reflects on masculinity myths.
Alison Sinkewicz
Privacy and Perception Issue

Photos That Challenge How We Use Clothing as Markers of Identity

Lagos based artist Noma Osula uses wigs to make his models anonymous and challenge how we perceive them
Noma Osula
Privacy and Perception Issue

My Avatar, My Self: How Video Games Gave Me Ownership Over My Body

As a trans kid unable to wear what I wanted, to look how I wanted, to be seen by others as I saw myself, the avatars I designed reflected more of me than any mirror ever could.
Diana Tourjée
Privacy and Perception Issue

How Being Radically, Unapologetically Open About Sex Freed Me

I spent a decade building a separate life as an A-grade dress-wearing, dick-sucking moral vagrant. Then I realised that the secrecy only served to deepen my shame.
Tom Rasmussen
ladies hate catcalling

The Realities of Catcalling Are Darker Than a New UK Survey Suggests

Sorry, but asking people about harassment, using the example "you look gorgeous today", feels like a wasted exercise.
Tshepo Mokoena
Daisy Jones
Hannah Ewens
Lauren O'Neill

'My Life Is Not Your Porn': Women Lead Historic Spy Cams Protest in South Korea

Thousands of women gathered in Seoul this Saturday to protest the ongoing problem of hidden spy cams, which are used to secretly record women in public spaces for pornography.
Kimberly Lawson

All the News You Need to Read Today

One 'Love Island' contestant had a very hard time.
VICE Staff
Phys Ed

Men Should Work Out More Like Women, and Vice Versa

Here's what we can learn from each other at the gym.
Grant Stoddard

What Is a 'White Girl'?

We spoke to Hilton Als ahead of the UK release of his book, 'White Girls'.
Nana Baah