gender reassignment surgery


What It's Like to Get Gender Affirmation Surgery

"Once I was numb from the Novocain and the continual sight of my own blood, I had no problem handing him instruments, applying pressure with gauze or holding my would-be shaft at a certain angle while he stitched, cut or cauterised."


Dispelling the Myths Around Trans People Detransitioning

A number of stories in the press have appeared alleging that trans people are seeking to reverse their gender reassignment. But are they? And if so, what are the real reasons behind their decisions?


Read an Extract from Juliet Jacques New Book, 'Trans'

Juliet Jacques talks writing, feminism and life after gender reassignment surgery with Sheila Heti in her new memoir.


My Cat's Brush With Life-Saving Gender Reassignment Surgery

The doctors said that in order to save my cat's life, they would have to give him a vagina.