General Election


Frightened Rabbit Make the Political Personal on "Fields of Wheat"

Their song in response to the UK general election was tagged "#Fuck The Tories" on Soundcloud.


Chaos: An Update

All the post-election goings on from over the weekend.


How We Persuaded Our Mums to Vote Labour

What turned Tory Mums into Corbyn Lovers?


We Went On an Election Night Pub Crawl

From Westminster to Angel.


How Politics' Biggest Self-Own Played Out On Our Screens

And what might happen next.


Vote: for Drugs, for Sex, for Equality, for You and for Life

Show this post to your grandparents or friends or anyone who wants the good life.


The Legacy of The ‘Cricket Test’, A Tory Yardstick For Immigrant Integration

Speaking in 1990, Conservative grandee Norman Tebbit suggested immigrants could not be truly loyal to Britain without supporting the England cricket team. His comments have shown remarkable longevity, regardless of their lack of merit.


Festivals Need to be More Political than Ever

Ahead of this week's general election, we asked punters about the intricacies of parliament.


Remembering When Charlton Fans Took On The Labour Party and Won

In 1990, the predominantly Labour council in Greenwich rejected planning permission for Charlton’s home ground to be rebuilt. This led to the formation of The Valley Party, who launched a spectacular fightback.


Food Banks, Farming, and Chips: How Eating Shaped the Election

As Britain prepares to go to the polls, we look at how issues of food poverty, agriculture, and that Theresa May chip photo impacted the campaign trail.


What Happened When Theresa May Missed the Debate

Six parties bar the Tories, all of them rinsing the Prime Minister.


Visiting the Town Hit Hardest By the UK's Drug Crisis

Middlesbrough has the most drug-related deaths in the country, and another Tory government will only make the problem worse.