Generation Y


'Mostly 4 Millennials' Was Created Specifically to Mock Millennials

Eric Andre and Derrick Beckles skewer vapidity in their new Adult Swim show.
Matthew James-Wilson

Are We 'Generation Snowflake' or the 'New Young Fogeys'?

Unable to decide whether we're more liberal or more conservative than them, writers are homogenising an age-group characterised by a complete lack of homogeneity
Angus Harrison
The VICE Guide to Right Now

If You Don't Have Rich Parents, You'll Never Be Able to Buy a House

The Bank of Mum and Dad will pay out for more than 300,000 deposits this year – that's over a quarter of all mortgages in the UK.
VICE Staff

Why Do We Talk About Millennials Like They're All Middle Class?

Gen Y are not all created equal and it's naive to believe the lie that they are.
Hannah Ewens

Tame Impala, Chillwave, and Other Dispatches from the Vibe Generation

What caused our generation to be obsessed with music made with largely synthetic sounds and carrying the emotional pliability of a mood ring?
Larry Fitzmaurice
The VICE Guide to Mental Health

Does Having Casual Sex Make You Depressed?

There's little concrete evidence to suggest there is any relationship between depression and casual sex, but that doesn't stop the foreboding headlines and biased studies trying to tell us otherwise.
Frankie Mullin

Things You Learn When You Become a Dad for the First Time

When you're part of a generation of questionably-dressed, overdraft-plundering adult babies, it's hard to believe you'll ever be able to grow up enough to be a dad. But you can, even when it's really shit.
Priya Elan

Only The Cynical Think Instagram Is a Waste of Time

I don't think it creates unrealistic goalposts of happiness at all. Life is shit – we need some pocket of escapism.
Dolly Alderton

What the Fuck Are We Meant to Do with Our Lives When We're Told the World Is Ending?

NASA gives us 15 years. I – like the rest of my generation – have no idea what to do.
Clive Martin