genius series


The Brazilian Genius Trying to Get Non-Mathematicians Interested in Maths

As the first Latin American to win the prestigious Fields Medal, Artur Avila, is under the pressure of being a role model for young people living in places with no history in the field of mathematics.


This 28-Year Old Geneticist Has Created a Robot from DNA and Proteins

The World Health Organisation says that by 2050, infections caused by ultra-resistant bacteria will be the leading cause of death. Xavier Duportet may have found the solution.


The Mexican NGO Getting Sharks and Fishermen to Work Together

Pelagic Life is working to reveal the harm shark fishing does to both the ecosystem and the fishing economy of San Carlos. They want to keep the sharks in the water – and bring the tourists in to see them.


The Italian Researcher Working to End the AIDS Epidemic

Massimo Pizzato has spent the last 15 years studying a protein that could neutralise the deadly disease and eventually render it harmless.


The Colombian Lawyer Who Became the Face of Colorado’s Weed Industry

Norton Arbeláez turned $800 into one of the state's largest medical marijuana companies.