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We Met the Australians Trying to Prosecute Aung San Suu Kyi For War Crimes

As Myanmar's state counsellor, the lawyers allege she's directly responsible for more than one million Rohingya people fleeing the country.
Liam Armstrong

Myanmar's Metal Scene Stands Strong in the Midst of Political Upheaval

Metalcore is still king in capital city Yangon, but black and death metal are gaining ground in this troubled Southeast Asian political hotbed.
Joe Henley
native americans

The California Tribe the Government Tried to Erase in the 60s

The Nisenan tribe of the California Central Valley are fighting to regain recognition from the federal government.
Brooke Schueller
Avery L. White

'Aleppo Bathhouse': One American Artist’s Personal Response to the Syrian Crisis

As Syria crumbles from five years of civil war, an American artist recreates a piece of a place she once called home.
Catherine Chapman

How Joshua Oppenheimer Finds Humanity in Tragedy on This Episode of 'Autobiographies'

In this episode, the prolific filmmaker discusses the process behind his award-winning documentaries and how they've redefined Indonesian history.
VICE Staff

The Man Whose Job It Is to Constantly Imagine the Total Collapse of Humanity in Order to Save It

An interview with Vinay Gupta: software engineer, disaster consultant, global resilience guru, visionary.
Joe Banks
The Make Believe Issue

Sri Lanka Massacred Tens of Thousands of Tamils While the World Looked Away

Sri Lankan soldiers recorded these terrible crimes on their mobile phones and camcorders – and over the past four years, more and more of this footage has emerged.
Callum Macrae

Inside Sittwe, the Point of No Return for Burma's Displaced Rohingya

Visiting one of the major launch points for the estimated 25,000 ethnic Muslims that fled the country in boats between January and March this year.
Paul Gregoire

The Killing Fields of Srebrenica: Twenty Years After the Bosnian Genocide

Ahead of this year's memorial event, we visited the town where Bosnian Serb forces killed 8,000 Muslim men and boys in 1995.
Petra Živić and Stefan Veselinović

‘Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten’ Documents the Cambodian Rock Scene, Pre-Khmer Rouge

We met the film's director and two key players from the vibrant rock scene that flourished in Cambodia before the Khmer Rouge took power.
Lauren Oyler

Canada’s Truth Commission on Residential Schools Is Coming to a Troubling Close

It appears that the commission is ending just as it was gaining speed.
Mayana C. Slobodian

Is the Man Fasting for 55 Days Over the Armenian Genocide Risking His Life?

Even though Agasi Vartanyan is experienced at hunger striking and doctors are keeping tabs on him, there's some danger in going almost two months without food.
Mark Hay