George Galloway


George Galloway's Documentary About Tony Blair Is a Complete Waste of Time

'The Killing$ of Tony Blair' is supposed to see Blair in the Hague, but it's nowhere near damning enough for that.


The Ballad of George Galloway’s Campaign Bus

This is the Citizen Kane of tweets about George Galloway's bus windows getting fucked in by a brick.


Why Talk Radio Needs George Galloway

The announcement that he'll soon be back behind the mic is very welcome news.


Talking to Naz Shah: The Labour Candidate Whose Horrific Life Story Went Viral and Who's Taking On Britain's Old Boys Club

The Bradford West candidate is rising to power from a past of abuse, drug deals, murder and poverty. Compared to that, getting doorstepped by the Daily Mail is child's play.


The Killing in Gaza Is Fuelling Extremism in Bradford

Palestine is now the primary recruiting sergeant for radical Islam in the UK.


It Is Absolutely NOT Confirmed That George Galloway Will Be Running for London Mayor

We met the Respect MP at his Westminster office to discuss Blair, the nuances of "lovemaking" and the potential for change in UK politics.


George Galloway Is Not the Man to Go After Tony Blair

They're two peas in the same, shitty pod.


Lambeth Council Are Kicking People Out of Their Homes

The co-operative council aren't very co-operative.


Party Songs for British Politicians

Which musicians will dare endorse the UK's sorry set of elected reps?


Quango - George Galloway's High Infidelity

Muslims will vote for you if you pretend to be more Muslim than a real Muslim.