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Producing Sparks Was the Best Thing Giorgio Moroder Ever Did

We look back at seminal 1979 collaboration between two art-rock weirdos and a producer at the height of his powers.
Josh Baines
Festivals 2017

:::Extremely Seinfeld Voice::: What's the Deal with Composers at Music Festivals?

From Hans Zimmer at Coachella to John Carpenter at Primavera Sound, mainstream music festivals are turning composers into rock stars. We spoke with Carpenter and others about the strange new booking trend, and why it's more than just a novelty grab.
Katie Bain
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Giorgio Moroder Pays Special Tribute to Space Ibiza in a New Mix

Moroder's mix includes Daft Punk and Joris Voorn.
Britt Julious

Giorgio Moroder Would Rather Eat a Nice Dinner Than Go Clubbing

He also doesn't understand why his music was so popular in discotheques.
Britt Julious
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Five Unexpected Facts We Learned from Giorgio Moroder’s Reddit AMA

He loves EDM and 'Flashdance.'
Britt Julious
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Adult Swim's Perfectly Pitched 'Lord of the Synth' Parodies Giorgio Moroder, Vangelis and Wendy Carlos

Watch as Morgio Zoroger, Carla Wendos and Xangelix save the world with their synthesisers.
Angus Harrison
Giorgio Moroder

We Need To Talk About Giorgio: Why Did the Pioneering Producer's Comeback Go So Wrong?

How did Moroder go from "I Feel Love" to an album of bargain-bin bangers?
Angus Harrison

We Talk Past, Present, and Pop with the Original Architect of Disco: Giorgio Moroder

The mustachioed synth maestro is set to release his first album in 30 years and everyone from Britney to Charli XCX to Sia to Kelis has jumped on board.
Giorgio Moroder

Giorgio Moroder Loves EDM

We spoke to the disco legend as he announces his star-studded new album Déjà Vu​.
Anna Yeboah

Artist Unmasks Daft Punk for New Sculpture Series

We spoke to artist Xavier Veilhan about meeting the robots, sculpting Rick Rubin's beard, and his new double exhibition, 'Music,' which opens this week at Galerie Perrotin.
Emerson Rosenthal

Forever in Electric Dreams: How Giorgio Moroder can Keep His Legacy Alive

We re-imagine the return of a disco pioneer
Josh Baines

[Video Premiere] Giorgio Moroder "74 is the New 24"

We spoke to Giorgio Moroder about his new album and the video for "74 is the New 24," premiering today on The Creators Project.
Justin Morrow