Golden Dawn


Exclusive: Neo-Nazis Are Using a White-Only Homeless Charity to Spread Race Hate

National Action are exploiting homeless people for propaganda.


Reminder: Journalists Aren't Safe from the Flying Fists of Greece's Fascists

We were in Athens on Friday when some reporters and our photographer were attacked by the sweethearts of Greece's Golden Dawn party.


This Neo-Nazi Accused of Murdering a Rapper Just Got Released Before His Trial

The saga of a Golden Dawn member's massively delayed trial in Greece continues.


Meet the Artists/Occultists Channeling the Death of Monsanto

Coyotel Church is magically cutting the cord—and the flesh—from corporations.


Greek Neo-Nazi Party Golden Dawn Remains the Country's Third Most Popular Offer

The organisation, which recently accepted political responsibility for the murder of a left-wing rapper, are the third largest party in the country.


We Went to Former Greek Prime Minister Alex Tsipras’s Rally in Athens

The rally, held in historic Syntagma Square, was literally painted red with SYRIZA flags and shirts, albeit not as many as January's final rally or the 'No' rally prior to July's referendum.


Golden Dawn Has Accepted Responsibility for the Murder of Antifascist Rapper Pavlos Fyssas in 2013

Who the hell is going to vote for the far-right organisation in the upcoming Greek elections now? I contacted some political analysts to find out.


Golden Dawn's Long Awaited Trial Began in Athens this Week

The leadership of the Greek neo-Nazi party is accused of belonging to a criminal organisation.


What the Greek Left's Election Means for the Greek Far-Right

Radical leftists Syriza might be in government, but far-right Golden Dawn is the third most popular party in Greece at the moment.


Greek Students Marched for a Better Education Yesterday

They're protesting and occupying their high schools against a new round of educational reforms.


Greece's Anti-Fascist Uprising

VICE News travelled to Greece to see how the Golden Dawn arrests have affected Greece's anti-fascist movement.