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My Regrets As a Juror Who Sent a Man to Death Row

If I could have done anything, it would have been to deadlock the jury—but I didn't have the personal strength to do it.


Confessions of a Grand Juror

Ten days in a room with 22 other jurors. What could possibly go wrong?


New Mexico Cops Are Facing Murder Charges For Shooting a Homeless Man in the Back

The district attorney decided to skip a grand jury and charge two officers with an open count of murder.


Why Can't Ferguson Grand Jurors Talk About the Darren Wilson Case?

A 1990 Supreme Court ruling suggests the grand juror suing Missouri for the right to speak out has a decent shot at victory.


​Will We Ever Find Out What Happened During the Eric Garner Grand Jury Proceedings?

The New York Civil Liberties Union and the Legal Aid Society are demanding that the Staten Island district attorney release details on how the grand jury decided not to indict NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo for Eric Garner's death.


A Racist with a History of Lying Was a Witness in the Darren Wilson Grand Jury

A new report suggests that 45-year-old Sandra McElroy, a serial liar with a history of head trauma, may have helped get Officer Darren Wilson off scot-free after killing Michael Brown.


Is Ferguson-Style Unrest Heading to New York City?

The NYPD did some recon in Missouri last week ahead of its own grand jury decision on police violence, expected any day now.


Why Darren Wilson Will Be Just Fine

Transparently awful cops have enjoyed successful careers after being forced out of police work. Why not this one, who wasn't even indicted, much less convicted?


Ferguson Shows How the Police Can Kill and Get Away with It

Police kill. They get away with it. They kill again. Eventually, you realise that this process is not a bug in the system but a feature.


How It Felt to Be Inside the Ferguson Media Circus

As a local reporter in St. Louis during the protests over Michael Brown's death, I watched as the international press parachuted in. I'm glad they came.


State of Emergency: Ferguson, Missouri - Part 8

VICE News returns to Ferguson, Missouri, where the community is on edge as it awaits a grand jury decision.


What to Expect After the Coming Ferguson Grand Jury Announcement

It's likely Darren Wilson will not be indicted. Then what happens?