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Michael DeForge's New Graphic Novel Is a Surreal Trip into the Canadian Wilderness

We talked to cartoonist Michael DeForge about his gloriously strange 'Sticks Angelica, Folk Hero,' about a Canadian libertarian, a lovelorn rabbit, and a sweater-stealing moose.


Stop What You're Doing and Read the Comic Advocating for Chelsea Manning

‘Suppressed Images’ documents DNA portraiture of Manning by artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg.


Puerto Rico’s Superman is a Super-Woman from Brooklyn

'La Borinqueña' is a climate-defending, genre-defying superhero.


6ixpocalypse Now: What Would Happen to Canada If Drake Disappeared

Presenting Noisey's First Graphic Novel


Street Artist Conzo Throb Illustrates Stella’s "BURN" Music Video [Premiere]

Stella Santana, daughter of Carlos Santana, works with famed street artist Conzo Throb to create her newest video.


3D-Printed Skull Busts Break Down the Human Body

A three-person exhibition at Australia's beinArt Gallery features 3D-printed sculptures, cartoonish watercolors, and hyperrealistic oil paintings.


Studio Ghibli Storytelling Inspires a South African Graphic Novel

If 'Kariba' is any indication, South Africa's booming animation scene may soon have it's very own Miyazakis.


Read an Excerpt from 'Ghost World' Author Daniel Clowes' New Graphic Novel, 'Patience'

'Patience' begins with an ordinary couple getting the news that they're pregnant. Then the man comes home and finds the woman dead on the floor.


A Graphic Novel Illustrates Cybersecurity, Gender, and Sexuality in Contemporary Iran

Graphic novel website 'Jensiat' tackles these issues with reader guides, expert advice, and the 6-part story of Leila, a young Iranian entrepreneur.


The Graphic Novel 'Baddawi' Looks Back at Life in a Palestinian Refugee Camp

Leila Abdelrazaq adapted her father's stories of his youth into a powerful and compelling book about coming of age in a region defined by conflict.


Actress Bel Powley on 'Diary of a Teenage Girl'

The breakout star talks about the challenges of her performance, working with Kristen Wiig and Alexander Skarsgård, and the taboo subject of female sexuality in films.


Frozen in Place: On Zelda, ‘Second Quest’ and the Threat of Fandom

The new Zelda-inspired comic is more than it seems, and one of the smartest pieces of media criticism you'll read this year.