Great Barrier Reef


This Giant Raft of Volcanic Rock Could Help Heal the Great Barrier Reef

An underwater volcanic eruption created a huge raft that will evolve into a traveling habitat for many sea creatures.


Ocean Heatwaves That Instantly Kill Coral Are Getting Worse, Scientists Warn

Marine heatwaves present “a distinct biological phenomenon” from bleaching events, and could threaten the livelihoods of half a billion people.


David Attenborough Says the Great Barrier Reef Will Die This Century

His new documentary "Blue Planet II" issues a stark warning for Australia's national jewel.


Coral Bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef Sure Looks a Lot Like Climate Change

Coral die offs have become all too common. As Dr. Tyrone Ridgway explained, "There's been bleaching in Hawaii this year, Caledonia, and now Australia."


Your Sunscreen Is Destroying the Great Barrier Reef

And so the chain of environmental devastation continues.


Is Australia Going to Kill the Great Barrier Reef on Friday?

It will create jobs, but it could also destroy the world's largest reef network.


The Hangover News

A bunch of people rioted in Paris this weekend, but you were probably too drunk to notice.