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Bleach Everything After Watching This Man Eat Directly from a Grocery Store Soup Bar

Upsetting even by 2018 standards.
Jelisa Castrodale
VICE Guide to Life

The Best Way to Grocery Shop? Like a Conspiracy Theory Nut

Grocery stores are designed strategically to get you to buy lots of things that you don’t need. Here's how not to fall for it.
Danielle Wayda
grocery stores

People Tell Us How They Got Fired From Their Foodservice Jobs

Some people played Snake on their phones; some people committed felonies.
Simon Espholm

These £17 Individually Wrapped Strawberries Are a New Low in Wasteful Packaging

The single berries come nestled inside a Styrofoam sock on top of a pile of faux hay inside of a plastic-covered paper box—a practice that is not only inefficient and wasteful, but gaudy and, frankly, stupid.
Nick Rose

Amazon’s New Supermarket Is Perfect for People Who Hate People

For those who swear by self-checkout lines as a means of keeping human interaction at a minimum, one retail giant has just made your most misanthropic dream come true.
Gillie Houston
grocery stores

Find Jesus in the Biscuit Aisle of Melbourne’s Italian Supermarkets

Melbourne’s Mediterranean Wholesalers—a marble-topped cathedral to home cooking—is an Italian Australian institution. Nothing cures homesickness like arancini balls and shrines to Catholic saints.
Nell Frizzell

New Research Shows That Almost All Supermarket Special Offers Are for Junk Food

According to new research from consumer group Which?, more than half of special offers in British supermarkets are for foods high in fat, sugar, and salt.
Phoebe Hurst

The MUNCHIES Guide to Buying Supermarket Wine

Decision making in the wine aisle at the grocery store can often feel like a total shitshow. Thankfully, we've come up with a basic list of rules to live by to save you from some hangovers.
Antoine Massot

High-End Dumpster Diving on the Upper West Side

Freeganism isn't just for poor people or anti-capitalists. People who want the finer things in life (for free) will also dig through the trash for them.
Harmon Leon

A Dog Man Calls Clem a 'Bag Lady'

In the latest episode of Lauren Monger's comic "Habits," Clem is harassed by a Pomeranian man who calls her a "bag lady" on her walk home from the grocery store.
Lauren Monger

I Went to an Awkward Singles Night at a Toronto Grocery Store

What happens when you throw a bunch of singles in a grocery store and encourage them to connect without booze or Tinder?
Aidan Johnston

I Ate Out of Wheelie Bins in Denmark for Two Weeks

And saved enough money to pay for a month's rent.
Jackie Hong