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Grouper’s Ambient Music Goes Way Beyond the Comedown Soundtrack

Before Liz Harris releases a Grouper album this month, we dig into the emotional pull of her drone-y, textural work.
Ryan Bassil
New music

Listen to Grouper’s Stunning ‘Ruins’-Era Track, “Children”

"This year, amidst chaotic and painful political times, while working on another project, it reemerged and made more sense," Harris wrote of the song.
Alex Robert Ross

Fish Al Pastor Tacos

These fish tacos are definitely not “pure” Mexican food, because you would never have that protein with that marinade. But who cares? They're delicious.
Gabriela Camara
Holy Shit

Make Your Bed, Lie in it, And Listen to These New Grouper Tracks

Liz Harris returns with two tracks of unrelenting beauty.
Noisey Staff

Arcade Fire's Jeremy Gara Trades His Drum Kit for Ambient Music on Debut Solo Album

The drummer of one of the 21st century's biggest indie rock bands on breaking away from his day job.
Max Mertens
The Noisey Guide To Music and Mental Health

How Music Helped Me Back From the Edge of Suicide

The bath, where my suicide attempt took place, was the only place I felt comfortable. I would perch my laptop on a chair, and replay the same song until the rest of me reached saturation point.
Alanna McArdle

Ambient Music Isn’t Boring, It Changed My Life

The sound of Brian Eno, William Basinski and Fennesz helped me find calm between crippling anxiety and debilitating panic attacks.
Ryan Bassil
Objectively Correct Lists

The 15 Albums That Will Make You Less Shit At Doing Work

STOP PROCRASTINATING (as soon as you've finished reading this article about records that help you work better).

On Being Alone: The Wild Landscapes of Grouper's 'Ruins'

How Cheryl Strayed's 'Wild' and Grouper's 'Ruins' offer a new narrative of being alone.
Kyle Kramer