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Trump's State of the Union Is a Parallel Universe

A by-the-numbers speech Tuesday that utterly failed to address glaring crises didn't exactly unite the country.


The Horrifying True Story of a CIA Waterboarding Victim

Despite being tortured and in CIA custody for over a decade, Abu Zubaydah has still not been charged with a crime.


A Gift From Guantanamo Bay

'VICE' correspondent Gianna Toboni tells us about the Qur'an she was given by a former Guantanamo Bay guard.


What It's Like to Do Prison Time Without Ever Being Convicted of a Crime

We spoke to Moazzam Begg, a British man caught in centre of the war on terror, and held for years in prisons around the world for no clear reason.


Fruit Salad with Laurie Anderson and Her Dog

Talking love, death, and post-9/11 surveillance with the avant-garde artist.


Laurie Anderson Collaborates with a Former Guantanamo Bay Detainee

'HABEAS CORPUS' live projects the image of former prisoner Mohammed el Gharani onto a massive sculpture in the Park Avenue Armory.


A Lawyer for Guantánamo Inmates Explains ​Why 'Guantánamo North' Is a Terrible Idea

"When people call for Guantánamo to be closed, it is simply shorthand for a more comprehensive demand to end torture and arbitrary, indefinite imprisonment without trial or fair process."


What's the Difference Between a Leaker and a Whistleblower?

The distinction may be the thing that keeps three WikiLeaks employees out of prison.


The Feds Are Suing New York City Because Rikers Island Is a Hellhole

US Attorney Preet Bharara says Mayor Bill de Blasio is taking too long to reform the notoriously horrific collection of jails.


The Politics of Food: Inside Guantanamo Bay's Kitchen

Gianna Toboni goes on a riveting tour of Gitmo, uncovering the very interesting politics of the camp's kitchen—and finding out what the food is like for the prisoners that aren't on hunger strike.


Behind the Bars: Guantánamo Bay – An Editor's Letter

An introduction to our week of stories from the world's most notorious prison.


The Declaration of No Human Rights

My extended periods in solitary confinement have led me to conclude that the US government have already adopted the DNHR.