Photos from the 2015 Miss Camel Beauty Contest

This week, men will parade their finest dromedaries at auctions, races, and best-in-show events in the UAE. Prizes are given for the fastest, 'milkiest,' and most beautiful creatures. Less fortunate camels are served for dinner.


The Bahraini Uprising in Photos: Road Blocks, Tear Gas and No Right to Protest

Photography collective Road Bloc have been taking risks to depict the intense political unrest that has been unfolding in Bahrain for years.


Big Cats of the Gulf

VICE travels to Kuwait to meet the big cat stars of Instagram and learn about the dangers of animal trafficking – for both the pets and their owners.


'Gulf Futurism' Is Killing People

Migrant workers are paying the ultimate price for the Blade Runner fantasies of oil princes.


Global Diplomacy As Absurdist Theater at MoMA PS1's GCC Exhibit

The sardonic retrospective features a faux-foray into global conflict, by way of Gulf politics.


Interviewing the Editor of the Middle Eastern Version of The Onion

The Pan-Arabia Enquirer does satire in a region that isn't good at laughing at itself.