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Guns N' Roses Release a Fuck-Off Piano Demo of "November Rain"

It's taken from the ostentatious 'Appetite for Destruction' box set, due out tomorrow. It's 10 minutes long.
Alex Robert Ross
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Are You a Enough of a Rich Asshole to Buy this $999 Guns N' Roses Box Set?

The Locked N' Loaded collection includes skull rings, temporary tattoos, and 49 previously unreleased songs. The shame you will feel upon purchase comes at no extra cost.
Alex Robert Ross
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Axl Rose Roasts Trump, Is Somehow Our Last Hope Against the Billionaires

The Guns N' Roses frontman called Apple's Tim Cook "the Donald Trump of the music industry" on Twitter.
Phil Witmer
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I Laughed at the 'Rockabye Baby' Albums Until I Had a Newborn

So, in order to expand my son’s musical palette and prepare him for a world packed with wonderful tunes, we played through the series.
Jeremy Allen
Holy Shit

Beyoncé Made the Most Money from Music in 2016 By Far

Everyone else on Billboard's annual list is Adele, Drake, or just old.
Phil Witmer

13 of the Raddest Moments in Metal Songs That You Forgot Were Awesome

From the accent hits in "Dead Skin Mask" to the opening riff of "Sons of Northern Darkness," you know 'em when you hear 'em.
Chris Krovatin

We Saw Skrillex Open for Guns N’ Roses and It Made Us Believe in America Again

What do Axl Rose and Sonny Moore have in common? We went to the band's Houston show to find out.
Andy O'Connor
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Leather Pants Are Bad, and The Stone Roses Do Not Like Them

Apparently Slash offered to join group after John Squire left in 1996, but Ian Brown and company decided "we’re not going to work with a guy with leather pants, are we?"
Noisey Staff
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24 Years Ago, Guns n' Roses and a Cry Baby Axl Rose Turned Montreal into a Riotous Wasteland

Putting Guns 'n' Roses and Metallica on the same tour was the greatest of bad ideas.
John Semley
Coachella 2016

Watch the Throne, Literally: Guns N' Roses Show Their Age at Coachella

Almost immediately, it was clear something was off. Whether it’s the cognitive dissonance of Guns N’ Roses playing to the flower-crowned and glowstick hordes, Axl’s inability to move, or something more mysterious and intangible, the magic was absent.
Jeff Weiss

Axl Rose Broke His Foot and Borrowed Dave Grohl's Throne to Play Show

Grohl and Axl are definitely cool.
John Hill
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Watch Footage From Guns N' Roses' Classic Lineup Reunion

The band played an intimate set before their momentous 20 stadium tour.
John Hill