Legit-Looking iPhone Lightning Cables That Hack You Will Be Mass Produced and Sold

Their creation has been successfully fully outsourced to a factory, the security researcher behind the cables said.


Apple Disputes Google’s Claims of a Devastating iPhone Hack

Apple says that Google oversold the nature of the hack and that it quickly fixed the vulnerability.


Mr. Robot's VR Simulcast Gets in Your Head

Showrunner Sam Esmail shows his virtual reality chops.


A Kid from Devon Hacked Everyone from SeaWorld to the Police

The 16-year-old has admitted to taking down sites across the globe.


The Internet’s Black Market Comes to London

Yami-Ichi is the market that’s perfect for net artists


A Massive, Insane New Art Installation Is an IRL Version of the Internet's Dark Side

Welcome to the nightmarish, 50-room installation in a theatre basement that turns the underbelly of internet culture into a physical installation.


SexyCyborg 3D Prints the Perfect Hacker High Heels

A Chinese hacker created pumps with a secret pen-test kit hidden inside.


On the Lam with Bank Robber Enric Duran

In 2008, Enric Duran stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from European banks to start a progressive hacktivist commune. Nathan Schneider travelled to Catalonia to meet the man, who is still on the run from the authorities.


Did a North Korean Hacker Just Tell Us to Go Fuck Ourselves?

While speculation grows about who hacked Sony Pictures and published tens of gigabytes of their confidential information, a hacker from the team responsible has claimed they're North Korean and told us to go fuck ourselves.


Hackers Are Attacking Canadian Government Websites to Exonerate an Alleged Teen Prankster

A group calling itself Aerith has launched DDoS attacks against the Ottawa and Toronto cops because they say the police arrested the wrong kid in a "swatting" case.


Free for All

Why work as a computer programmer your whole life when you could live as a hacker and digitally steal money from banks?