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To Hell And Back

A Fake Band Using Facebook to Scam Europe Is as 2018 as It Gets

In an era of "FAKE NEWS," does a great rock 'n' roll swindle matter? (Plus, new tunes from Ulthar, 1914, Necrowitches, and more).
Kim Kelly

Hard Rock Is Good, Hard Rock Is Bad, Hard Rock Is Forever

As extreme metal ascends, bands like Seether, Wednesday 13, and Black Map are still out there playing turn-of-the-century hard rock to a hardcore faithful.
Christopher Krovatin
New music

The Darkness Are Back and They Want You to Shit Yourself

And Justin Hawkins wears a gold lamé catsuit in the new video for "Solid Gold."
Alex Robert Ross

"El Titan" and Heavy Metal in Pablo Escobar's Medellín

Remembering "the Colombian Bruce Dickinson" who survived the drug wars and inspired a generation of South American metalheads
Alex De Moller

These Are Lars Ulrich's Truths

We spoke to the often controversial Metallica drummer about the band's hard-charging new album, the dangers of staying frozen in time, and death.
Kim Kelly

What I Learned Growing Up as a Very Serious Fan of The Darkness

“The song, ‘I Believe In a Thing Called Love’ has changed my life. I am now a full on rocker!” read my diary on 20th September, 2003.
Angus Harrison
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7,665 Days: This Is What It's Like to See Tool Live Again After 21 Years in Prison

Tool's music stuck with me, even though I was hardly able to listen to it for decades.
Seth Ferranti

PREMIERE: Listen to Kylesa’s Spacey, Soaring New Track, “Shaping the Southern Sky”

The Southern boundary-pushers will release their upcoming album, 'Exhausting Fire', on 10/2.
Jamie Ludwig

Here's Why Nickelback Is Underrated

They can't be the worst band in the world... can they?
Drew Millard
VICE Premiere

Meadows' New Track 'Gobshite' Will Pummel You into Nothingness

In case you need an idea of what you're getting into, the band categorise their sound as "rural misery" and "power drunk".
Charlie Ambler

Hector's Pets and Fletcher C. Johnson Hit The Road

Here's a bunch of the best photos from the Brooklyn based bands' tour.
VICE Staff