Harm Reduction


All Drugs Should Be Legalised and Taxed, Say Medical Experts

The 'British Medical Journal' has joined a host of other experts in arguing against prohibition.
Mac Hackett

One UK Country Takes Way More Drugs Than Any Other Country in the World

And more takeaways from this year's Global Drug Survey.
David Hillier
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Want to Reduce Drug-Related Harm? Easy: Support The Loop

Here's how.
VICE Staff

Revealed: How Students Take Drugs in 2018

The results of a new study carried about by the NUS and drug charity Release reveals that weed is the most commonly used drug among uni students, and that a fifth use drugs to self-medicate mental health issues.
Max Daly

Revealed: Cocaine Hospitalisations Are Up 90 Percent in the UK

A Freedom of Information request also showed that incidents where cocaine is mentioned have more than doubled over the past four years.
Mark Wilding
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This Is What Super-Strength Pills Will Do to You in the Long-Run

Ecstasy these days can be six times as strong as it was in the early-90s, and Second Summer of Love casualties already give us a lot to worry about.
David Hillier
High Season

If a Loved One Is Struggling With Drug Addiction, Is it Wrong to Cut Ties?

"I have one sibling. Except, at the moment, it feels more like I’m an only child. My younger brother isn’t my brother anymore."
Anonymous Author

On Scenic Canadian Farm, Addiction Recovery Programme Faces Eviction

Residents of Vancouver Island’s Woodwynn Farms say recent "no occupancy" orders have put their recovery at risk.
Tyler Hooper

How North America's Opioid Crisis Differs in Small Communities

Meet Desiree Beck, who, until recently, was the sole harm reduction worker for a 50,000-square-kilometre area of northern Ontario.
Allison Tierney

Could Gurning On MDMA and Coke Mess Up Your Jaw Forever?

We spoke to two specialists to find out if gurning can cause long-term problems.
Katrine Krøjby
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At Least Three UK City Centres to Get Drugs Testing Facility

Harm reduction organisation The Loop will be offering its drug testing services in a matter of weeks.
Jamie Clifton
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Facebook Is Deleting Valuable Drug Harm Reduction Groups

Sesh Safety – a group offering real-time advice to drug users – was permanently deleted recently, which is bad news for everyone.
David Hillier