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Poland’s Populist Government Has Declared War on the LGBTQ Community

"People who look stereotypically queer or gay are being attacked on the street for this, almost every day."


Cities With More Hateful Tweets Have More Hate Crimes, Study Finds

High levels of race-based discrimination online correlates with offline violence in cities across America, new study finds.


After Pittsburgh, American Jews Are Mournful, Afraid, and Defiant

"We shouldn't be shocked that something like this happened."


Do the UK's Hate Crime Laws Actually Work?

As the government debates classifying misogyny as a hate crime, it's worth asking if existing laws are doing their job well enough.


Both of Britain First's Leaders Have Been Jailed for Hate Crimes

The judge said – surprise, surprise – that the pair had "demonstrated hostility" towards Muslims.


Hate Crimes Are on the Rise in America's Biggest Cities, Study Finds

For the first time in more than a decade, the number of hate crimes in the US shot up two years in a row.


Is Sessions Already Botching the Charlottesville Investigation?

A former top civil rights prosecutor sees bad signs all over the place.


Dealing with the New Normal: How Finsbury Park Is Reacting to the Attack

On the streets yesterday people said they wanted to show solidarity, but also that they had noticed a rise in hate speech in recent months.


How Jews Are Responding to a Wave of Anti-Semitic Bomb Threats and Vandalism

The surge of attacks have brought only weak responses from Donald Trump. Some fear it will only get worse.


Dark Histories: These Photographs Tell Forgotten Stories of Murder and Violence Against Gay Men

We spoke to artist Sean Coyle about his work memorialising sites of homophobic violence.


Why Isn't the Government Doing More to Tackle Anti-Sikh Discrimination?

In 2016, 20 percent of Sikhs experienced public discrimination.


American Muslims Worry the Worst Is Yet to Come

Trump's travel ban has many fretting that it could fuel more Islamophobia.