Heavy Rain


A Reflection on ‘Heavy Rain’, from the People Who Made It

Quantic Dream director David Cage and 'Life is Strange' director Raoul Barbet look back on the PlayStation 3 hit.
Dan Wilkinson
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All Brown Everything: What Video Games Have to Say About the 1970s

The 1970s are no more, but playing games set in that decade depicts a time of murder, economic hardship and international tensions.
Paul Rose
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Adventure Video Games Are Steadily Delivering Better Stories Than Movies

Charles Cecil of Revolution Software talks about 'Broken Sword 5' and adventure gaming's return to mainstream popularity.
Dave Cook
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Suicide, Sacrifice and Video Gaming’s Illusion of Choice

We've seen in-game colleague selflessly give themselves up to aid our progress – but what if the story ended when you do?
Mike Diver
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Would You Kindly Read This Article On Gaming’s Greatest Plot Twist

No video game of this or the previous generation has flipped its story quite as fantastically as 2K's original BioShock.
Mike Diver
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What Video Games Teach Us About Romance, Relationships and Rutting

Games provide a litany of lessons about how to instigate a stanza or two of the horizontal arts. Here are a few of them.
Luke Holland
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‘Fahrenheit’ is the Quantic Dream Game Everyone Should Play

Remastered for its tenth anniversary, Fahrenheit is an "interactive movie" worth investing in, unless Beyond: Two Souls ruined you.
Mike Diver
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Why Are Drugs Always So Lame in Video Games?

There are maybe five games that get it right. The rest look they've got their narcotics advice from an eight-year-old.
Keza Macdonald

KARA Showcases The Latest Developments In Virtual Acting

A sci-fi short from Quantic Dream, the team behind the game Heavy Rain.
Kevin Holmes
The Catholic Guilt Issue

Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII is a great game, but only if you play it on its own terms. It's a serious break from the way previous Final Fantasy games have played, which can be shocking or disappointing if you want a familiar experience.
Stephen Lea Sheppard