Henry Wismayer


How a Terror Attack Can Destroy an Entire Tourist Industry

Since the Sousse attacks of 2015, Tunisia's deckchairs have been empty and its hotels abandoned.


This Is Why We Find It So Hard to Be Awestruck in 2015

The death of awe in the age of awesome.


I'm Middle Class and Even I'm Being Pushed Out of London

I'm here with a pathetic deposit, a two-year-old child and another kid on the way. It doesn't take long to realise that South London, which I've always called home, can't be home for much longer.


Inside the Ridiculous Palace of a Tyrant

It's been 25 years since Nicolae Ceaușescu and his wife Elena were executed by the Romanians who despised him.


When Tourism Turns Into Narcissism

Travelling should be about discovery, not taking selfies in front of temples.


I Had a Scammer Tortured by Police in Tanzania

It didn't make me feel great.