Hideo Kojima


'Death Stranding' Has a Gameplay Trailer and a November Release Date

Hideo Kojima's upcoming title appears to promise a journey across a fractured America filled with monsters.


Much Like Last Year, Sony’s E3 2016 Press Conference Was Best In Show

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I Wish David Bowie Had Been More Into Video Games

If you ask me, working on 'Omikron: The Nomad Soul' was one of the worst moves Bowie made in his career.


Metal Gear Solid Creator Hideo Kojima Has Left Konami to Launch an Independent Studio

His next project will be a PlayStation exclusive, dealing another blow to Xbox's chances of catching Sony's console.


All the Winners and New Release Reveals from the Game Awards 2015

'The Witcher 3' wins big, and there are two awards each for 'Her Story', 'Splatoon', 'Metal Gear Solid V' and 'Rocket League'.


Kojima-Sans: Plans for the Next Metal Gear Solid Game Are Underway Without its Figurehead

And a "large-scale investment" will be needed, just as Konami is reportedly closing one of its studios.


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It's one of 2015's greatest commercial and critical hits. Leigh Alexander unpicks what makes 'Metal Gear Solid V' work, and where it goes wrong.


Where In the World Is Hideo Kojima?

Is he on holiday? Has he left? Is he ever coming back? Someone, please, let us know, because this nonsense is so bloody tiring.


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Stanford's Dr Steven Block reveals that Hideo Kojima's PlayStation original was remarkably prescient in its presentation of future troops.


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If Quiet does turn out to be Chico, how that's revealed could make or break Hideo Kojima's open-world epic.