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Late Capitalism

The College Scam Is Exposing All the Legal Ways Rich People Game Society

The real question is what took so long for the country to start looking at this stuff more closely.
Alex Norcia
affirmative action

Is Trump Trying to Make Colleges White Again?

We asked an expert what happens if the federal government goes to war with affirmative action in higher education.
Allie Conti
Is University Still Worth It?

Why British Universities Are Being Run Like Cartels

With fees soaring and salaries for top level management reaching £500,000, we look at how this can be allowed to continue.
Tess Reidy

How Will Scrapping 'Soft Subjects' Like Art History Affect British Education?

A panel of writers looks at what the government's move to bin Art History A-levels could mean for the way we look at schooling and work.
VICE Staff
Is University Still Worth It?

I've Been a Lecturer for a Decade and This Is What I Really Think About University

"The massive increase in fees has woken students up to the fact that universities are taking the piss."

Idiot Commenters, You Were Wrong: Thousands of Young People Are Reconsidering Uni Now Grants Are Gone

Higher education is looking more and more like an unsustainable dream.
Joel Golby
Is University Still Worth It?

A Third of Graduates Regret Going to University

A cheery new study has found that a third of under-35s regret spending three years half-pissed, half studying psychology, because of debt.
Joel Golby

I Asked Academia's Most Vocal Critic Why Uni Is a Waste

"There was a time when if you graduated from university you'd actually be an educated person. That isn't necessarily true anymore."
Allie Conti
Don't Trust The Internet

Just How Easy Is It to Get a Fake Degree?

Thirty bogus universities were shut down in the past year, but I figured there would still be some out there, so did my best to get myself a make-believe degree.
Angus Harrison
a life of dabbing and terrible debt

Welcome To Dab University With Jesse Lingard, The Place Where Higher Education Comes To Die

Could Jesse Lingard’s Dab University be the final straw for our broken education system?
Will Magee
VICE Long Reads

How the Banks Stole Higher Education

Student debt is big business for the banks, and it's fucking us all over.
Irvine Welsh

Students Are Fighting to Force Colleges to Stop Asking About Criminal Records

Since 2006, people applying to schools across America have been asked about their criminal history. But there's no actual evidence showing that makes any sense.
John Surico