Hillary Clinton

Angus Take House

Worst Take of the Week: Papers Can’t SAY Anything vs Hillary on Migration

Hugo Rifkind on the "outrage engine" faces off with Hillary Clinton being like 'maybe Europe's got to stop taking in refugees actually??'
Angus Harrison

A Guide to QAnon, the New King of Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories

George Soros, the Illuminati and Snow White are all controlling the world according to a 4channer who has spawned a legion of super-sleuths.
Justin Caffier

Hillary’s Lousy #MeToo Statement Is a Lesson in How Not to Apologize

Politicians should take note because political campaigns are likely going to face a lot of sexual harassment allegations.
Eve Peyser
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Let's Not Forget the Apathy That Made Trump's Presidency Possible

Some people argued there wasn't much difference between Trump and Clinton. 2017 showed they were very, very wrong.
Issac J. Bailey

Joe Biden Is the Last Person the Democrats Should Run in 2020

America's favorite 'Onion' character comes with way too much baggage.
Eve Peyser

Untangling the 'Clinton Gave the Russians Uranium' Conspiracy Theory

A primer on the narrative being pushed by Donald Trump and right-wing media outlets.
Mark Hay
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Martin Shkreli Jailed After Weird Post About Hillary Clinton's Hair

The infamous "pharma bro" was out on $5 million bail after being convicted of securities fraud, but his Facebook post got it revoked.
Lauren Messman
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Hillary Clinton Is Not a Movement

She came within a hair of becoming president, but what does the 2016 nominee have to offer Democrats now?
Harry Cheadle
The VICE Guide to Right Now

The 'Pizzagate' Shooter Is Going to Prison

Edgar Welch was given a four-year sentence Thursday after a bogus conspiracy theory led to an all-too-real scare at a DC restaurant.
Drew Schwartz
James Comey

The Pathetic Arguments the GOP Is Using to Defend Trump from Comey

These are the kinds of things you say when you're in trouble.
Harry Cheadle
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Who Should We Blame for This Hell?

On the lingering grief of the 2016 election.
Eve Peyser
Can't Handle the Truth

The Truth Was Stranger Than Fake News this Week

If real events involving orbs and body-slams weren't enough for you, there was plenty going on in the world of BS.
Mike Pearl