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Remembering The Flamboyant Ring Entrances Of Prince Naseem Hamed

If there was one aspect of Naz’s boxing career which defined his fighting persona, it was his ridiculous and brilliant ring entrances. Here, we take a look back at the very best.


Remembering Gil Heron, The First Black Footballer To Play For Celtic

Nicknamed ‘The Black Arrow’ by his fans, Heron made a significant cultural impression on Scotland. That has been somewhat overshadowed by the exploits of his son, Gil Scott.


Remembering The Greatest Boxing Day In The History Of English Football

With Boxing Day one of the most important dates in the domestic football calendar, we expect it to produce some serious entertainment. In 1963, expectations were exceeded by an absurd margin.


The Life and Death of Formula 1’s Pioneering Prince

Two days before Christmas 1985, an elderly man died after suffering a heart attack at Barons Court station in West London. Those who saw him slump to the ground had no idea that he was a member of the Thai royal family – and a part of Formula 1 history.


Remembering How Anthony Joshua Fought His Way From Troubled Talent to Olympic Gold

From the grand platform of London 2012, Anthony Joshua launched himself to stardom. Things could have gone very differently, however, with controversy nearly ending his career.


​The Formula 1 Hopeful Who Played Getaway Driver For The Great Train Robbery

London-born Roy James was an aspiring Formula 1 driver who raced against a young Jackie Stewart. But while the Scot was winning world titles, James was serving a 30-year prison sentence for his role in the Great Train Robbery.


Double Disaster in El Clasico: The Mutual Humiliation of Barca and Real

In the mid-nineties, Barcelona and Real Madrid embarrassed each other in El Clasico with uncanny symmetry. It was a reminder that even the loftiest champions must learn the value of a humbling defeat.


Penance For The Prince: Remembering Naseem Hamed’s One, Humbling Defeat

While nobody could deny that Prince Naseem had style, he was also a man of monumental hubris. That finally came back to bite him when he fought Marco Antonio Barrera in 2001.


Liverpool and The Liberation Of Rome: Remembering Bob Paisley’s Italian Campaigns

When Liverpool won the 1977 European Cup final in Rome, Bob Paisley had been there before. That was just over 30 years previous, when he rode into the city on the back of a tank.


​Trauma in Tbilisi: Remembering Wales' 5-0 Defeat to Georgia

In November 1994, Wales travelled to Georgia for a Euro '96 qualifier – and the hosts ran riot. What happened in Tbilisi that day would go down as one of the worst Welsh showings on the international stage.


Bonfire of The Vanities: Manchester United's 1994 Humbling at The Hands of Barcelona

In November 1994, Manchester United were thumped 4-0 by a team that I had neither heard of nor seen play. Their name was FC Barcelona, and they were truly magnificent.


Collision and Collusion: The Story of the 1997 Formula 1 Title Decider

The deciding race in a finely balanced title battle, the 1997 European Grand Prix was packed with high drama and claims of collusion. Almost 20 years on, it ranks as a controversial classic.