Where to Drink in Amsterdam, According to the World’s Best Bartender

Ryan Chetiyawardana, otherwise known as Mr Lyan, has won 'International Bartender of the Year' two years in a row. I got him to show me around the Dutch capital.
Ruby Lott-Lavigna
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Man Arrested For Laundering Money After Literally Laundering Money

“They'll never think to look in the washing machine!!!!"
Mack Lamoureux
pancake day

I Ate a Chicken Curry Pancake So You Don’t Have To

This Lent—in fact, for every Lent from now on—I shall be giving up chicken curry pancakes completely. I hope to atone for my sins and live as an inspiration to you all.
Nell Frizzell

The Legend of the Fighting Dutchmen

Kaman. Dekkers. Aerts. Dutch kick fighters are in a league of their own. But who was the best of the bunch?
Alexander Reynolds

Making Soup with Sex Trafficking Survivors in Amsterdam’s Red Light District

Dignita is an Amsterdam restaurant that runs culinary training programmes to rehabilitate those forced into the Dutch sex industry. “We have a great time here, we already start laughing when we walk in,” says trainee Inès.
Shanna F. Jones
the pitbull

The Cult: Edgar Davids

Edgar Davids was an all-action defensive midfielder who spoke his mind, didn't take any shit, and became an icon in wraparound goggles. For his attitude, his football and his tinted shades, he earns a spot in The Cult.
Jay Ramanee-Murphy

Street Artist Turns Walls Into Melting Optical Illusions

Argentinian street artist Felipe Pantone splashes his psychedelic wallpapers on city walls.
Diana Shi

How a Chance Encounter on a Bus Led to One of the Year's Strongest Albums

Martyn and Steffi grew up less than 30km apart, but it took them 35 years to find that out.
Angus Harrison

My Hardcore Adventures in the Dutch Bible Belt

How the extreme dance music has found a new home in the Netherlands' most devout area.
Clive Martin

'Safe Spaces Are Sheer Madness' – A Chat with Holland's Most Controversial Satirist

Hans Teeuwen is bringing his routine to the UK, so we caught up for a chat about free speech, safe spaces and half-baked political commentary in comedy.
Duncan Harrison

The Spanish Park Filled with Copies of Famous European Monuments

Parque Europa stretches over 233,000 square meters and boasts a replica of Tower Bridge and the Copenhagen Mermaid among its attractions.
David Ruitz, Words: Fernardo Bernal
eat that! and another!

Waving Goodbye To The International Break: Vice Sports UK Goals of the Week

The terrible boredom of the international break is over, and it’s time to celebrate with some right proper goals!
UK Sports Staff