• 2.7.19

      Trail Mix Trifle Recipe

      Maybe eat this as a reward for completing a big hike, rather than consuming it before or during.

    • 2.4.19

      Swedish Rye Flatbread Recipe (Knäckebröd)

      A simple homemade cracker that is thin and crispy and just delightful when you top it with a hard boiled egg for breakfast.

    • 1.4.19

      Black and Blue Nachos Recipe

      Perfect for those nights when you can't decide between steak and potatoes or nachos for dinner.

    • 11.29.18

      Easy Ranch Dressing Recipe

      We all have our favourite Ranch dressing brand, but give this simple recipe a whirl and watch it become your favourite.

    • 11.5.18

      Vegan Mayonnaise Recipe

      A vegan alternative to your favourite condiment.

    • 9.18.18

      Easy Mozzarella Sticks Recipe

      These are the mozzarella sticks your significant other told you not to worry about.

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    • 3.16.18

      Homemade Irish Red Ale

      Stop spending money at the bar and start brewing your own beer at home.

    • 8.14.17

      Homemade Bagels

      Making homemade bagels takes a little bit of patience, but is so worth it when your kitchen smells like heaven—and you get to taste them.

    • 7.28.17

      Homemade Tater Tots

      You only need a few ingredients, so what's stopping you?