Hong Kong

2 days ago

Tech Companies Didn't Plan for Chinese Censorship

Tech companies are censoring information about the demonstrations in Hong Kong. Civil liberties experts say this is symptomatic of larger problems.

2 days ago

Blizzard Doesn't Respect the Human Rights of Its Customers, Major Rights Organisation Says

"By penalising a player for speaking up in support of protesters exercising their right to freedom of expression, Blizzard demonstrates a lack of respect for the human rights of its users."

4 days ago

‘The Internal Silence Is Deafening,’ Blizzard Employee Says About China Controversy

Blizzard employees are reeling after a week of controversy and protests.


Hong Kong Protester Says She Was Sexually Assaulted by Police After Being Arrested

"Do you know the body search room in San Uk Ling​ is all dark? Do you know I am not the only one who suffered sexual violence by the police?"


Blizzard's Hong Kong Screw-Up Is Officially an International Incident

The company's communities are in chaos and US senators are taking notice, following the suspension of a pro 'Hearthstone' player who declared support for Hong Kong's protest movement.


Hong Kong Is Threatening to Roll out the Chinese Military if Protests Get Worse

Lawmakers have also floated the possibility of a curfew, and of shutting off the internet.


Hong Kong's Face Mask Ban Made the Protests a Whole Lot Worse

The first weekend of protests since the mask ban came into effect got very violent.


Hong Kong Protesters Tried To Sabotage China's 70th Birthday Party. Police Shot One of Them.

Video showed a protester shot in the chest at point-blank range.


A Student Protester in Hong Kong Was Shot in the Chest on China’s National Day

This is the first reported incident of the police's live ammunition hitting a protester since the pro-democracy rallies started.


Where the Hong Kong Protests Stand After 100 Days: Rubber Bullets, Petrol Bombs and 5 Demands

“All Hong Kongers are afraid, but what more do we have to lose?”


Here's Why People in Hong Kong Are Terrified of Being Extradited to China

Forced disappearances and reports of torture mark President Xi Jinping's justice record.


Hong Kong's Students Skip School as Protests Spread to the Classroom

"This movement is not a rebellion, it is a cry for righteousness."