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Styled like an old-school Italian trattoria, Gloria is London's most talked about restaurant. But why have we fallen so hard for kitsch interiors and carbonara?


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Hospitality Speaks will give chefs, waitstaff, and bartenders a platform to anonymously publish their experiences online.


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“Wednesday afternoon orgy, because of boredom.”


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With threats of customer harassment and misogynist kitchen culture, hospitality can be tough on its trans and non-binary employees.


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Social action platform Good Day Productions connects restaurants with local charities "to show them how easy it is to make a difference."


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After a local restaurant was shamed for taking waitstaff tips, Parklife founder and newly appointed Night-Time Economy Advisor for Greater Manchester Sacha Lord hopes to introduce a “gold standard in tipping.”


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This Catering Company Is Helping Young People Out of Homelessness

“For me, Fat Macy’s is a family and it’s changed my life. I love what I’m doing and I want to move forward."


New Report Says UK Restaurant Industry Could Be Headed for a Crash

“The growth outlook of the [hospitality] industry is uncertain, given the pressures of the National Living Wage, increases in business rates, and the potential availability of labour following the UK’s exit from the EU.”


It’s Time We Gave Waiters as Much Recognition as Chefs

“The front-of-house team aren’t cooking, but they do as much of the job as the chefs. I would go back to a restaurant if the food was average but the service was amazing."


New Study Reveals Just How Unhealthy It Is to Be a Chef

Findings from trade union Unite show that 69 percent of chefs say their stressful work life has had an impact on their mental and physical wellbeing.