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Ebro Was Right to Ask Kodak Black the Hard Questions

Yesterday, Kodak Black walked out of an Ebro in the Morning interview after the host mentioned his sexual assault case.
Kristin Corry
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Meek Mill Freestyling Over Drake's "Back to Back" Is Downright Triumphant

It was the Philly rapper's decision to open his 14-minute freestyle with the instrumental of Drake's 2015 diss record aimed at him.
Kristin Corry
Noisey News

Cardi B Says She's Disappointed In How People Have Reacted to Her Pregnancy

The Bronx rapper sat down with The Breakfast Club and Hot 97 to speak about 'Invasion of Privacy' and more.
Lawrence Burney
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Black Thought Reels Off Another Mini-Freestyle on 'Fallon'

The Roots' MC moved onto the couch on 'The Tonight Show' to reminisce about his friendship with Questlove and joke about stealing Fallon's job.
Alex Robert Ross
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50 Cent Is Blamed for "Pulling Apart" New York City's Rap Scene on Hot 97

Fif also discusses turning down half a million dollars to campaign for Trump.
Phil Witmer

Funkmaster Flex Vs. DJ Clue is the DJ Battle the Culture Needs

The everlasting feud between these two titans of New York radio has reached a new climax, with Swizz Beatz stirring the pot.
Richard Dryden
Noisey News

Remy Ma Releases a Second Nicki Minaj Diss, Continues to Go All the Way In

Snappily titled: "Another One"
Lauren O'Neill
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Let’s Analyze Desiigner’s Energy Levels in this Hot 97 Freestyle

Alex Robert Ross

"JewPac" Returns as Shia LaBeouf Takes on Hot 97 and Lil Yachty in Yet Another Freestyle

This is where we draw the line, you don't diss Vin Diesel.
Noisey Staff
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Lil Yachty Sits Down to Chat with Ebro, Premieres New Song “Judgement Free"

"I think my fanbase thinks you hate every young star coming in."
Alex Robert Ross
the worst things of all time

Drake Is Brought Up During Another Interview with a Toronto Artist, We're Tired of Writing About This

Ugh, does this even matter?
Noisey Canada Staff
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A$AP Rocky Talks Travis Scott: "Let the People Decide If He's a Biter"

"They do say imitation is the best form of flattery."
John Hill