Hugh Ryan


How Queer History Finally Came into Its Own

More podcasts, films, TV shows, and books are mining stories from the fight for LGBTQ rights than ever before.


We Talked to Christian Slater About Gay Porn, Man-Crushes, and 'King Cobra'

Christian Slater and 'King Cobra' director Justin Kelly on the challenges of making a film about underage porn stars, intergenerational relationships, and murder.


The Orlando Shooter Was Born into America's Culture of Violence

Much has been made of the killer's apparent interest in ISIS, but less time has been spent looking at the ways Mateen fit other patterns of violence.


'Closet Monster' Is a Gay Coming-of-Age Tale with a Canadian Sense of Humour

Stephen Dunn's latest film delves into decidedly heavy topics—family violence, divorce, gay bashing, and coming out—with a light touch.


Finding the Language to Describe My Three-Person Relationship

Please don't call us a throuple.


How to Have Gay Sex Without Being Gay

We spoke to Jane Ward, author of Not Gay: Sex between Straight White Men, about the gay sex straight white guys have been having for centuries.


Why So Many Disney Villains Sound 'Gay'

The new documentary ‘Do I Sound Gay?’ explores the surprising number of mincing, sibilant animated villains with a penchant for extravagant hats.


Back in the Day, Lesbian Drag Kings Worked for the Mafia

Taking a look back at a forgotten chapter of queer history with novelist Lisa Davis.


Filming ​Mario Diaz, the Man Behind The Cock

In the aftermath of the AIDS crisis, Mario Diaz brought sex-positivity back to New York's gay scene with his club, The Cock. Now, documentary filmmaker Jon Bush is immortalising Diaz's party life on film in Club King.


Power in the Crisis: Kia LaBeija's Radical Art as a 25 Year Old, HIV Positive Woman of Color

Kia Labeija was born HIV positive to an untested mother. Twenty-six years later, she's thriving as a dancer, visual artist, and advocate for the unseen victims of the ongoing HIV crisis.


The Love and Struggle of Producing a Left-Wing Circus

Artist-activist Jennifer Miller has been creating social justice-themed circus performances in New York City parks for decades, but her most recent one could be her last.


Gay Photography Legend James Bidgood Needs Help Buying a Camera

People often cite James Bidgood's photography as a precursor to David LaChapelle's work, but the legendary gay photographer needs help buying a camera.