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What Happens When Your Friends Get Abducted and Sold into Marriage

We spoke to the filmmaker behind a new documentary about the abduction and sale of women as brides in China.
Jules Suzdaltsev

The Long Search for the Missing Child Brides of a Mormon Polygamist Sect

Inside the investigation into the cross-border pipeline used to transport the underage wives of FLDS leader Warren Jeffs.
Nate Carlisle
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What It's Like to Be Trafficked into the UK and Forced Into Modern Slavery

"K", a Hungarian man in his mid-thirties, was taken to the UK and forced into slavery, before escaping and going undercover to help others do the same.
Michael Segalov

Human Trafficking Prevention Month Is Over – Now What?

Modern-day slavery is still the third largest international crime industry. We spoke to three organisations fighting trafficking about what we can do to help eradicate it.
Fatima Danan

This 20-Year-Old Smuggles Refugees from Denmark to Sweden

Activist Calle Vangstrup believes it's okay to break the law when that law is unfair or inhumane.
Andreas Digens

Yakuza, Pills and Rave: An Interview with One of Britain's Most Notorious Drug Smugglers

Speaking to Howard Marks about the buzz of trafficking, his dalliance in Ibiza's ecstasy trade and coming to terms with his cancer diagnosis.
Harry Sword
The Road to Nowhere Issue

A Woman on Death Row and the Neighbour Who Put Her There

Mary Jane Veloso lives about 300 feet away from Maria Cristina Sergio in the Philippines. Veloso is on death row for allegedly smuggling heroin into the country. Sergio is in jail and awaiting trial after being accused of trafficking her neighbour.
Meredith Talusan

We Asked Some Refugees for the Stories Behind Their Smartphone Backgrounds

"I used the phone's GPS to navigate the boat to Greece. Only during the day though. At night, the police could see the light."
Grey Hutton, Words: Barbara Dabrowska and Yahya Al

How Facebook Idiots Reacted to Today's Austrian Refugee Death Tragedy

Following the grim finding of more than 20 decomposing refugees in a refrigeration truck, morons from all over Austria have taken to Facebook to voice their opinion.
Hanna Herbst
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Slavery in Kent? Six Trafficked Chicken Catchers Are Suing the 'Worst Gangmaster Ever'

The men claim they were beaten, starved and denied sleep by Darrell Houghton and Jacqueline Judge.
Carlton Férment

A New Crowdfunding Platform Helps Human Trafficking Victims Come Home aims to close the gap between caring about human trafficking and doing something to help its victims.
Laurel Tuohy
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The New Era of Canadian Sex Work

Do new regulations protect at-risk women from human trafficking, or make it more dangerous for those doing consensual sex work?
VICE Staff